About centivefinance

Why centivefinance

At Centive Finance we pride ourselves not only on the calibre of services we offer, but also on our commitment to clients. We aim to be proactive, ensure that we exceed personal and business expectations, offering unrivalled value and unparalleled services.

We are dedicated in providing superior products and services and strive to safeguard an unrivalled banking experience.

Why Bank with centivefinance?
  • Personal – At centivefinance, you are not just a number. Our staff are always pleased to guide you through the procedures of opening an account, completing transactions and assisting in your everyday business needs.
  • Accessible – At centivefinance, our lean and diverse structure means that we are easily accessible for all your banking and investment needs.
  • Competitive – We are able to provide flexible, integrated financing solutions to our clients. Our products are highly competitive and we offer exceptional interest rates for deposits in foreign currencies and special products for deposits in Euro.
  • Confidential – We strive to take the necessary precautions to ensure privacy and confidentiality is maintained between our clients and associates.
  • Digitally Advanced – We offer ground-breaking eBanking services which provide unrivalled functionality. We invest in the digitalisation of the banking sector with a focus on security, speed and convenience.
  • Multilingual – Our client-oriented services and international character are reflected in our multilingual staff who speak amongst other Greek, English, Arabic, Russian.
  • Integrated – Since our inception in 1963, we have gained an excellent reputation for our integration within Ireland and our contribution to its economy.
  • Experienced – We invest in our staff and have an outstanding reputation for the consulting and advisory services we offer to our private and business clients.
Company Values

Centive Finance provides superior financial products and services in a highly competitive and results-driven industry. Always maintaining our values and standards, we seek to exceed our clients’ expectations and set new benchmarks for professionalism.

Our employees understand our company values and how these shape the services we offer to prospective and existing clients.

Our core values and principles are as follows:

  • Integrity & Fairness
  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Exceptional Client Service
  • Socially Responsible
  • Winning Team & Culture
This means
  • We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and seek to attain the highest levels of conduct in all our business dealings.
  • We place clients at the centre of our activities and aim to maintain long-term relationships built on care, responsibility and confidentiality.
  • We are continually designing solutions which add value to our clients and provide products and services tailored to their needs.
  • We maintain high standards in all our activities by attracting outstanding employees, investing in technology and regularly upgrading our methodologies and systems.
  • We respect and adhere to laws, rules and regulations and are committed to strict compliance with the legal and regulatory framework in which we operate.
  • We strive for excellent results and work diligently towards exceeding performance targets.
  • We are constantly seeking innovative ways to improve our products, services and operations and provide opportunities for ongoing employee training and development.
  • We are sensitive to socioeconomic issues and sponsor activities which aim to improve our society.

Applying these values in all our activities is an ongoing process and a worthy pursuit. We believe that building the right corporate culture contributes to business success and ensures organisational development and growth.